What is a V.I.P City Influencer?

Discover what it is like when you become a VIP city based influencer by watching this video showcasing 5 of the most successful!


Does this sound like you?

  • You are sick of working for ‘the man’ and you want real income from being an influencer
  • You are sick of get rich quick schemes, drop shipping stories, sales funnels and want to build a real lifestyle and business
  • You want the finer things in life, good food, a VIP social life and amazing free products
  • You are not scared of hard work and have good social media and digital skills
  • You have A LOT TO GIVE but nowhere of value to give it
  • You wish you had more exciting, colourful and successful friends from all walks of life
  • You have a personal desire to be centre stage and be highly respected in your community
  • You want to make a real difference to your city and help the causes that matter most to you

Are you the sort of person who would like...

  • Never to queue for a club or restaurant but be shown to the best tables?
  • To be invited to the coolest parties, venue openings and product launches?
  • To be dressed, driven and dwell in luxury?
  • To present awards, host events and be the face of many businesses?
  • Be surrounded by the most interesting, beautiful and talented people?
  • To make over $100k+ a year for just being you with even more in free gifts and benefits

Imagine a training course which would show you

  • How to start as an influencer even with no followers
  • Generate up to $250k a year one through a proven blueprint
  • Create a personal brand and businesses which will support your city lifestyle
  • Be the centre of the social scene in your city and be treated each day like a V.I.P
  • Be approached for TV, radio and internet shows
  • Get FREE stuff from the best brands and businesses - including travel, meals, gadgets and clothes.
  • Become the “go to” influencer in your city

Further benefits to this course

  • Learn how to become the go-to person in your city for connections, deals and recommendations 
  • Close paid collaborations from day one even with no followers!
  • Step by step development of your personal branding, back story and brand voice
  • Create a personality cult around your brand - experience incredible popularity
  • Understand your purpose and your real life goals
  • Get invited to every important opening, dinner, networking meeting and launch
  • Have businesses and brands queuing to work with you and give you money
  • Create a luxurious lifestyle from the soft benefits (free stuff) of being a city lifestyle influencer
  • Have a positive personal brand reputation and have charities and good causes wanting to work with you
  • Have an enviable social life packed with leisure, travel and privilege
  • Get invited onto radio, TV, podcasts and shows
  • Be connected to the most influential people in the city

Introducing your opportunity to become a Paid V.I.P City Influencer!

  • Become a city lifestyle influencer who benefits from all the elements a city has to offer
  • Become somebody with a personal brand associated with the city and rise in your social status
  • Be somebody who makes a full time living (or secondary income) from promoting the elements of the city you love, either online or offline in the city
  • Build stable long lasting businesses which you can choose to work in or work on paying you a healthy salary
  • Never be part of the "rat race" again and live life and work on your own terms
  • Build a launchpad for national and international travel, speaking and business opportunities

This is not impossible it is a reality!

  • You can go full time and even earn six figures or more within a year
  • You can live the ultimate V.I.P lifestyle (with most of it payed for by others)
  • You can start from zero and within months be in the heart of the city social scene
  • With this course you can have not 1 but 3 separate businesses or income streams!
  • This can happen in your city (or even town and regional area).

What's in the course?

  • Over 14 hours of video training from ‘Mr Deansgate’ a pioneering city influencer
  • Real world case studies on how to make money and get free products & sponsorship
  • Step by step blueprint on how to become a city influencer even from zero followers
  • Course exercises to map out your own unforgettable personal brand
  • 'Copy and paste' email templates on how to approach companies and brands - and get money and sponsorship from them!
  • Template to build your own stories and pitches, so nobody ever forgets you! 
  • How to stack your influence to move higher and higher up the societal ladder
  • How to make money in month one (even with no followers)
  • The four “secret” sectors where you can make money instantly! (most city influencers miss this)
  • Private Facebook group to share ideas with other city influencers
  • Additional business opportunity to connect with other influencers in cities and benefit from national and global deals in your city (This is worth the price of the course alone)

There is more...

  • A full strategy on how to build influence, business and social status 
  • Rich video based course with notes, exercises, copy/paste templates and everything you need to learn, grow and win.
  • ‘The 'SocialProofTM Process’ a personal branding solution
  • The M.A.D model for making money and turning content into cash
  • The Asset Stacking System for accelerating your success
  • Techniques, real examples and ideas for getting free stuff! (from holidays to luxury cars)
  • How to build your influence and stack your assets to explode onto the city scene!
  • The step by step blueprint for success
  • How to expand your influence to get on TV, work with charities and be globally recognised

Why you need this course

  • This original course is written by a successful city based influencer
  • This will save you months and years trying to establish yourself as an influencer
  • This course will show you how to make money immediately!
  • This course will help you to build your personal brand in the city and beyond
  • This course is original content not found anywhere else on the internet
  • Be the first to complete this course in your city and reap in the huge benefits of being first!
  • This course will change the direction of your life for the better or YOUR MONEY BACK!
  • This is a legitimate training and knowledge transfer course built on the Teachable platform for security and rich features
  • You can return to this course at any time it will not expire.
  • You will become part of a community of city influencers world wide

Meet your new instructor, Mr Deansgate

This course is the step by step guide developed with Nik based on everything he did to become a city based influencer success. He had 30 years of sales and marketing experience for global companies and went from corporate professional to being a city based VIP influencer making over $250k a year and living an incredible lifestyle on his own terms.

Nobody is better placed to deliver this training and share the real world examples of how to build a personal empire from scratch as a VIP city influencer.


“I’ve worked with Nik on several campaigns and projects over many years. His guidance on anything digital was integral and I highly recommend him and this unique course”

Jonatan S - Director of Nightlife at Atlantis Bahamas

“Nik (Mr Deansgate) is a magician! Not only is he the life and soul of a party but he does the exact same thing on a digital level. This course is an incredible insight into the workings of a personal branding genius and brilliant business mind” 

Lee McAteer Co-Founder Invasion Camp Group & “UK’s best boss”

“Nik is a top memorable lad! With a really eclectic dress sense. Unusually I also got him on my radio show after his TV appearance because he deserved more exposure.”

Paddy McGuiness - TV Presenter, actor & comedian

Who is this course for?

  • Anybody moving or living in a city who wants the best city living experience possible
  • Anybody who has tried to be an influencer and failed
  • Anybody who has followers but is not making a full time living from them
  • Anybody who wants social status and city wide fame with a VIP lifestyle
  • Anybody wanting a full time job working for themselves as an influencer
  • Anybody with the ambition to build businesses and brands
  • Anybody who believes they deserve more and have more to give than what they are doing now
  • Ambitious, talented and creative people

Who is this course NOT for!

  • Making you insta-famous! You will build REAL influence to make things happen and to make real money
  • A get rich quick scheme. This is a tried and proven way of making real money sustainably delivering real products and services to business and brands
  • Overnight success - however, unlike growing a business where the rewards usually come after you sell it - with this system you benefit from the rewards IMMEDIATELY and grow financially month by month
  • Shy characters hiding behind their screens! This course is different, this is about growing your personal brand, assets and status in a city with a specific focus on the businesses, brands and causes based in your city. This is as much about offline success as it is online success.

Total risk reversal - something you don't see everyday!

  • We are so confident that if you follow the steps and processes in this course you will not only create and incredible lifestyle for yourself but the lessons will assist you in every element in your influencer life.
  • If you start to implement this course and do not see ANY results within 1 month we will give you 100% of your money back!
  • Thats a 30 day risk reversal guarantee, no questions asked just an immediate transfer of your money back.


  • How easy is this course to follow?
  • The course is developed with both video, text and audio. The Teachable system it is built on will let you keep track of your learning so you don't miss a thing.
  • This does seem too good to be true, surely you can't guarantee success.
  • We do appreciate that the results from implementing the training are incredible but every example and financial results we use in this training are real world examples and you will be shown exactly how they happened. Many city based influencers achieve even greater success than outlined in this course. The results will ultimately be based on how well you implement the strategies and guidelines in this training. We offer a full 30 day refund if you don't see any results.
  • What if I have only a few followers can I still be a paid influencer?
  • This course assumes you start with zero followers and will show you have to make money in the city as your following grows. If you already have followers this will help to accelerate to grow even faster.
  • What skills will I need to make this course work for me?
  • Nothing but if you are a good communicator, familiar with filming and video editing and have a good understanding of digital marketing this will be an advantage but not essential.
  • Are there any hidden costs?
  • Nope, this course provides you with everything you need to success as outlined on this page.
  • Will you show me how to grow my followers?
  • Yes, there are multiple strategies deployed to build your following, post engagement and influence.
  • What if I don't live in a city?
  • This course is optimised for city living and success. However, if you want to learn how to make money from brands and companies; develop your personal branding; learn the art of stacking assets to gain influence; develop businesses around influence and digital content, then this course is relevant to you and any type of influencer who wants to turn their passion into a full-time career.